how to “move” the big sur menu bar clock

Like many other people, I hate the fact that in Big Sur, I can no longer move the menu bar clock on my Mac. I’m using a MacBook Air, and when especially when I use it at work and it’s connected to a large monitor, it’s way off in the right corner and it’s not obvious enough.

I’ve been using an app called Day-O for years just to provide today’s date and for the pop-up calendar it provides. It just occurred to me that the solution to my problem has been staring me in the face every day…I could just adjust Day-O’s settings to show the time, and “hide” the system clock by changing it to analog.

Now I can move the Day-O clock closer to the middle of the screen where it’s more visible.

(BTW, I’ve been using Day-O version 1 for years. I didn’t even realize there was a version 2 and 3 until now, but they’re problematic for me (I can’t get to the Preferences) so I’m sticking with v1, which has been working fine, even under Big Sur).

don’t trust corporate media?

I’m not sure the headline is slightly misleading: Trust In Corporate Media Linked To Less Actual Knowledge About COVID-19

…but there *is* a real danger in corporate media mixing in “sponsored influencers” with actual news.

And is there a truer observation: There is no question that nearly 70 percent of the country uses social media – and those companies pretend to be news. But social media is just aggregating things people post. If you click on a post someone made about a topic, Facebook decides you want more of it. Including if you are only reading it to ridicule it.

godzilla vs tron–I mean kong

Godzilla vs. KongĀ (2021) – aka Godzilla vs Kong vs Tron. It’s very shiny and the action/fight sequences are pretty fun.

Ironically, the movie would’ve been if it were actually *more* Godzilla vs. KongĀ and *less* stupid humans doing whatever they’re doing (while brining a little girl everywhere danger is, sure, why not).

And honestly, if this version of Godzilla’s atomic breath can blow a hole *through the friggin’ earth’s crust* (!?! WTF?), what chance does Kong really have? And too bad they decided to tone down Godzilla’s iconic roar.

Grade: shiny meh