untranslatable words – hiraeth

hiraeth – Welsh. “It combines elements of homesickness, nostalgia and longing. Interlaced, however, is the subtle acknowledgment of an irretrievable loss – a unique blend of place, time and people that can never be recreated. This unreachable nature adds an element of grief, but somehow it is not entirely unwelcome.”

our brain, the incredible machine

On episode 191 of the You Are Not So Smart podcast…David Eagleman discusses his new book, Livewired, exploring how technology can take advantage of brain plasticity to add new senses and expand subjective reality in ways never before possible.

It sounds like a lot, and it *is*. The whole episode is mind-expanding, but especially the 5-ish minute segment from 49:25 to 55:20. Wow.

(Or if you prefer, the video version here.)

medicine needs a higher bar

The name of the video is “Stop Using Cancer Treatments That Don’t Work (w/Dr. Vinay Prasad)”, but that barely scratches the surface. This is such an informative video that *really* makes you think about the state of modern medicine in general (definitely *not* just about cancer). There are parts that are a bit technical, but stick with this. I promise you that this’ll be one of the most enlightening hours you’ll spend.