do I hear 21…

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show us the way

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Too bad SoundCloud only allows previews of this song, but it’s incredible!


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happy birthday leonard bernstein!

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Wow…I didn’t realize Kristin Chenoweth had such an incredible range!

weekly thoughts – better late than never

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What I’m watching/reading/listening to: The book Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. SO MUCH wisdom here
e.g. from Drew Houston, founder of Dropbox: When I was 24, I came across a website that says most people live for about 30,000 days – and I was shocked to find that I was already 8,000 days down. So you have to make every day count.

What I learned this week: Is everything you think you know about depression wrong?
if you’re remotely interested in learning about depression or psychology, you should read this”

What I enjoyed this week: Better Late Than Never. Touching and hilarious. I wish I could be like that when I get to that age

Quote o’ the week: Fairness is just what we call it when we get what we want and what we complain about when we don’t. -N.C.

Song o’ the week: Iarla O Lionaird – Glistening Fields

Sur-au-delà, Caronte & Afrika – Performed by MAYA

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lamento for gaita and cello

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“Lamento for gaita and cello” by Cristina Pato and Mike Block

my lady of sorrows

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(lyrics via Google Translate)
My Lady of Sorrows
The pain that you felt for me
It is pain that still persists
In each of your favors

Your lips sing praises
Praise that I deserve little
And it’s evil that I offer you
Offenses and displeasures

Lady loves exchanges
By my brown caresses
For they are thorns and thistles
That I change for your flowers

In a procession of a thousand colors
It’s the sky that comes from you
Oh my lady, my mother.
My Lady of Sorrows

saturday morning song

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weekly thoughts – fragile human warmth

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What I’m watching/reading/listening to: How to Beat Procrastination – Wait But Why
“A remarkable, glorious achievement is just what a long series of unremarkable, unglorious tasks looks like from far away.”

…a fun and in-depth analysis of how procrastination works and how to beat it

What I learned this week: Out in the Great Alone

“…you could feel it: this fragile human warmth surrounded by almost unmanageable sadness.”

I want to need to experience this…

What I enjoyed this week: Counterpart. J.K. Simmons doing Fringe/Walter Bishop as a spy thriller. A slow burner with a gorgeous soundtrack.

And it’s got subtitles! I like subtitles!

Quote o’ the week: These days, I guess a lot of kids interact with each other over screens. But I’m grateful that all of my early interactions were in person. It’s a real gift for young people to be able to see the face of someone they’ve just hurt. In that moment, you learn whether or not you have what it takes to be a killer. Anyone can kill you, but it takes someone you know to really HURT you. It takes someone you love to break your heart. -Saga

Song o’ the week: Choir and Crickets

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