don’t trust corporate media?

I’m not sure the headline is slightly misleading: Trust In Corporate Media Linked To Less Actual Knowledge About COVID-19

…but there *is* a real danger in corporate media mixing in “sponsored influencers” with actual news.

And is there a truer observation: There is no question that nearly 70 percent of the country uses social media – and those companies pretend to be news. But social media is just aggregating things people post. If you click on a post someone made about a topic, Facebook decides you want more of it. Including if you are only reading it to ridicule it.

godzilla vs tron–I mean kong

Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) – aka Godzilla vs Kong vs Tron. It’s very shiny and the action/fight sequences are pretty fun.

Ironically, the movie would’ve been if it were actually *more* Godzilla vs. Kong and *less* stupid humans doing whatever they’re doing (while brining a little girl everywhere danger is, sure, why not).

And honestly, if this version of Godzilla’s atomic breath can blow a hole *through the friggin’ earth’s crust* (!?! WTF?), what chance does Kong really have? And too bad they decided to tone down Godzilla’s iconic roar.

Grade: shiny meh