happy ramen

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happy ramen bowls
I gotta get one of these! Anyone know where these are sold?

from geishabot

“space ramen!”

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Ok, now i can live in space!

ramen in the news

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mmmmm…double soup! there was an article recently in the times uk that has it all…revenge…betrayal…greed…and…ramen?!?

fresh ramen rating: kouraku

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kouraku ramen
drove all the way up to little tokyo for this. our first choice was daikokuya, which got rave reviews on assorted web sites, but unfortunately it’s closed temporarily on sundays. we ordered the shoyu ramen with a half order of chahan (fried rice), and an order of gyoza. the atmosphere was ok…nothing really special. the ramen was not bad, but not great. not as good as ebisu in huntington beach, that’s for sure. the noodles were decent and chewy, but the soup was flat. not bland, just very one-dimensional. the fried rice was pretty yummy, with tiny pieces of meat. the gyoza was very boring.
the ramen gets a 6. fried rice gets an 8. the gyoza gets a 5.

kitty ramen

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wow…i had no idea there were so many different kinds of hello kitty ramen!