in your face!

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as funny as the whole premise is, it *is* sad that so people have this attitude towards math…

powers of 10

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I’ve always loved this short video. I remember watching it for the first time in junior high, I think, and being completely blown away by “the powers of 10.”

harper’s index for october

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number of escort services and mcdonald’s restaurants, respectively, in washington d.c.: 26, 23
percentage change in the average amount of food a person will consume when eating with one other person: +35
percentage change with four or seven others, respectively: +75, +96

from harper’s magazine, october 2007

bottled water statistics

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estimated amount of oil used to make the bottled-water containers sold in the U.S. in 2006: 16 million barrels
ratio of water use to make the containers cs the amount of bottle water consumed: 2 to 1

source: harper’s index, august 2007

america, land of cheap gas!

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next time you hear someone complain about the price of gas, maybe you should point out that the u.s. has some of the cheapest gas in the world. maybe if more people focused on being more efficient with our gas instead of driving hummers that extra 100 feet so you have the closest parking space at the 24hr fitness, we’d all be better off.

one more reason to go on that diet…

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estimated number of gallons of extra gasoline burned each year because americans are overweight: 938,000,000
from the harper’s index, november 2006

i want *that* job

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According to Rolling Stone magazine (9/8/05 issue):
President Bush’s 5 weeks vacation in Crawford, Texas will be the longest presidential retreat in 4 decades…
President Bush has now spent 20% of his entire presidency vacationing at his ranch…
Counting in his other retreats to Kennebunkport and Camp David, Bush will end up spending less than 6.5 of his 8 years in the Oval Office…

And don’t forget! Bush is a war time president.

Brainwashing as diet technique

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This article in Time magazine talks about how scientists were able to influence people’s dieting habits by “implanting” a false memory. The dieting part doesn’t interest me so much as — hell-o! They were able to plant a false memory in 41% of their subjects with nothing more than suggestions and leading questions!?!? So what’s you’re favorite color? Blue. No yel– Auuuuuuuugh!

“Don’t get into a lather over sweatshops”

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Interesting article presenting the “other side” of sweatshops.

People choose what they perceive to be in their best interest. If workers voluntarily choose to work in sweatshops, without physical coercion, it must be because sweatshops are their best option.

salaries ain’t relative yo

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From an article in People about Angelina Jolie: “…upon learning that they made the equivalent of $27 a month, she cried, “what a mess,” a hotel employee said, and gave them $20″…not to pick on her…(”cause she’s hot and all)…when’re people gonna learn…(more after the jump)

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