the best star trek show on tv now is…

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The Orville. Yes, seriously. For the first 3 episodes, I wished they would “pick a side”…either be a comedy or be a serious show, but each episode turned out to be neither funny enough nor serious enough. But with “If the Stars Should Appear” (episode 4), it seems to have finally hit it’s stride…being both funny *and* serious enough to be a pretty good episode of Star Trek.

And kudos to composer Bruce Broughton, for doing a masterful job of creating a soundtrack that seems greatly…ahem…”inspired” by the first few Star Trek movies (the original ones, not the recent reboots). I’ve been having a lot of fun trying to identify where some of the musical passages came from.

new apple products

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So Apple’s new products will be “organic”? I wonder if they’ll be opening an Apple Farm near me…

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need one…want one…

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panic room

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he keeps going…and going…

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that’s the spirit!

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get it…spirit…

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Air France Commercial 2011 – L’Envol

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fantastic commercial using my favorite Mozart piece

mamma mia

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Learned during a trip to Italy: Italians really do say “mamma mia!”

i am a tool of the machines

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As I stood in line at a local restaurant the other day, holding my coupon in my hand, it suddenly occurred to me that I was being used.

Let me backtrack. I received a special offer for the restaurant by email. The coupon that I printed out had a special code to make sure I couldn’t use it more than once. Maybe it identified me by email address or serial number or something.

As I stood in line, I realized that when the cashier scanned my coupon, presumably the cash register would contact some central database, look up my coupon code to identify me, and decide whether or not to approve my coupon. So really, all I was was a conduit or messenger for one machine to transmit a message to another machine.

It’s a bit primitive and inefficient, if you think about it. If the machines are going to take over the world, they need to come up with a better plan. But then again, they managed to get me to act as a messenger and deliver their message. Maybe it’s already too late…

fireworks factory fire

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It’s like one of those car accidents you can’t pull your eyes from, and then at 2:18, everything changes…

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