Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind – Yuval Noah Harari

Entertaining but SOOOOO speculative. Well written though.

Leonard – William Shatner

An easy read. William Shatner has a conversational writing style that makes the book feel like he’s just telling you a story at a dinner. Some fun anecdotes and interesting insights about Leonard Nimoy’s life and personality..

Arctic Dreams – Barry Lopez

Wow. This is like a tour-de-force of arctic history. Densely packed with in about life and wildlife in the arctic. And it gives you a head-turning perspective about human history and how we completely take how easy many aspects of life are for granted.
2019: “Siri, tell me how to get to X and pull it up on Google Maps”
Past: It took *how* long to map the arctic??? But it’s *right there* on the map!

Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness – Edward Abbey

Edward Abbey has a way with words and descriptions. The desert has never seemed so lush and appealing to me as it does in Desert Solitaire.

Who – Geoff Smart & Randy Street

Firefly: Big Damn Hero