As usual, John Stewart provides the insight, but there’re no easy answers, are there?

White people lasted six weeks and then stormed a state building with rifles, shouting: ‘‘Give me liberty! This is causing economic distress! I’m not going to wear a mask, because that’s tyranny!’’ That’s six weeks versus 400 years of quarantining a race of people.

Plus, you have one party whose premise is that government is bad and whose goal is to prove that, which makes them, in essence, a double agent.

“We all have [expletive] on us. Approaching it in that manner is not both-siderism, and it’s not asking for civility. You’re always going to demonize those who disagree with you and amnesty those who agree with you. But there has to be some measure of understanding that that’s what you’re doing

But our biggest problem as humans is ignorance, not malevolence. Ignorance is an entirely curable disease.

I’m not sure I agree with the last quote, though I used to. But there’s ignorance, and there’s willful ignorance, and there’s just more and more willful ignorance out there. It’s pretty damn hard to “cure” willful ignorance. But I’m glad someone’s optimistic.

Jon Stewart Is Back to Weigh In

six whole weeks!

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