weekly thoughts – fragile human warmth

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What I’m watching/reading/listening to: How to Beat Procrastination – Wait But Why
“A remarkable, glorious achievement is just what a long series of unremarkable, unglorious tasks looks like from far away.”

…a fun and in-depth analysis of how procrastination works and how to beat it

What I learned this week: Out in the Great Alone

“…you could feel it: this fragile human warmth surrounded by almost unmanageable sadness.”

I want to need to experience this…

What I enjoyed this week: Counterpart. J.K. Simmons doing Fringe/Walter Bishop as a spy thriller. A slow burner with a gorgeous soundtrack.

And it’s got subtitles! I like subtitles!

Quote o’ the week: These days, I guess a lot of kids interact with each other over screens. But I’m grateful that all of my early interactions were in person. It’s a real gift for young people to be able to see the face of someone they’ve just hurt. In that moment, you learn whether or not you have what it takes to be a killer. Anyone can kill you, but it takes someone you know to really HURT you. It takes someone you love to break your heart. -Saga

Song o’ the week: Choir and Crickets


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Groovy! Natalia Lafourcade meets the Beach Boys meets the Beatles.

I trust scientists…because they do science…

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…wistful and depressed sigh…