What I’m watching/reading/listening to: Ascenseur Pour l’Échafaud (Elevator to the Gallows)
It’s kind of wild, kind of lonesome, kind of dark, kind of not. And it has a great soundtrack by Miles Davis

What I learned this week: Wow…this was a really good interview. Really life-changing actually.
In summary: Reality is bliss. Ignorance is suffering.
Finding Joy in a World of Suffering

What I enjoyed this week: Another Period. Craziness at its deadpan best

Quote o’ the week: One of the great attractions of tribalism is that you don’t actually have to think very much. All you need to know on any given subject is which side you’re on. You pick up signals from everyone around you, you slowly winnow your acquaintances to those who will reinforce your worldview, a tribal leader calls the shots, and everything slips into place. After a while, your immersion in tribal loyalty makes the activities of another tribe not just alien but close to incomprehensible. –Andrew Sullivan

Song o’ the week: Bjork – So Broken
Devastating. I like the studio version is better, but watching her perform is just something else

weekly thoughts – so broken

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