What I’m watching/reading: just finished watching the first season of the Man in the High Castle. Gripping stuff and an interesting thought exercise on what would happen if the Nazis won WWII.

Recently excited by: I just started doing the 365 photo project, where I take and post a picture a day. I’m excited but nervous about whether or not I can keep this up, especially when 90% of my time is spent at a boring office job. It’ll be an interesting challenge to see if I can

Weekly bits: Wait But Why has a really long, really insightful multi-part article on Elon Musk that’s an incredibly interesting read. It goes into Musk’s ideas about the problems facing mankind and his solutions for our future. But it’s not just about Musk…the reasoning behind the whys of why he’s doing what he’s doing is must-read material for anyone else who cares about how to make an impact on the world.
Plus, stick figure cartoons!

Quote o’ the week:
What is it with people?!?

At best, people are assholes, at worst, they’re zombie assassins. -Jessica Jones

Song o’ the week: the Destroyer – Out of Babel
It’s like…death metal meets klezmer…death klezmer?

weekly tidbits 1/16/16

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