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i think i shared a “view from the revolving sushi conveyor” video before, but this has the added bonus of having a shrift soundtrack. god i miss japan!

green island project

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green island
Anyone who’s spent any time in Shibuya, Japan, will instant recognize one of the busiest intersections in the world…but with…grass??? The Green Island project, in a series of faux photographs that replace Tokyo asphalt with something a bit…greener, aims to remind us that we do not live apart from nature, even in a dense city like Tokyo.

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better off…ted?!?

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better off ted
better…off…ted? ted?! argh!

volcanoes ahoy

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mount asama

california has earthquakes, japan has 108 active volcanoes. which would you prefer?

two volcanoes in japan and one in russia all erupted overnight. mount asama, one of the volcanos in japan and only 145km from tokyo, was captured on several webcams from different angles. the timeelapsed videos are nothing short of astounding. even the aftermath is breathtaking with a beauty of its own.

mount asama

mount asama

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