the EPA could learn from China…

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From an article in the August 2007 issue of Popular Science…China’s SEPA (State Environmental Protection Agency), which is in charge of enforcing China’s environmental laws, is rumored to resort to drastic measures in an effort to crack down on China’s “dirty factories”: “if needed…it sends in an explosives team and simply blows up the offending businesses.” That’s *one* way of stopping polluters; blow ’em up!

protect our children from weather!

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i saw this info when i created a log-in for the web site: “In addition, we ask for year of birth as part of our compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998.” Ok…makes sense…i mean…weather is so…err…um…

bottled water statistics

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estimated amount of oil used to make the bottled-water containers sold in the U.S. in 2006: 16 million barrels
ratio of water use to make the containers cs the amount of bottle water consumed: 2 to 1

source: harper’s index, august 2007

kombucha wonder drink

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kombucha wonder drink

this neat looking sparkling himalayan tonic has asian pear and ginger blended with organic oolong tea. ah. sure looks good and refreshing doesn’t it? don’t believe it. it’s evil. i think the “wonder” stands for “i wonder who’s gonna drink this crap?” (shiver). F

deep foods garlic naan

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deep foods garlic naan

what can i say? i’m a sucker for garlic naan. this one was good, but not quite great. it turned out a bit soft, without much crispiness to it. the garlic flavor was strong and good, but the texture just wasn’t quite as good as trader joe’s, plus with trader joe’s garlic naan, you get four pieces instead of three, and for about the same price. this gets a respectable b+

mexican coke

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mexican cokemexican coke
look sweetie! they have coke from mexico!
huh? so what? what’s the difference?
it has *sugar*!
(rolls her eyes)
no, i mean it has sugar instead of corn syrup! it’s supposed to be good!
(walks away) whatever…

yes, the store actually had a sign pointing out that it was *from mexico* and yes i had to buy one. it’s good. there’s a nice sugarcane-juice-aftertaste and it seems just a bit…somehow more “natural” and refreshing than american coke. it’s not that obvious, and if i drank it without knowing where it came from, i might not notice it. but it’s worth checking out. B

sevan foods spinach feta and pesto bread

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spinach feta and pesto bread

it looks very tasty and healthy, not to mention super-fresh. the sound of spinach, feta, and pesto on bread looks good on paper. in reality though, it’s a bit bland for my taste. i was hoping the bread would be a bit crispy on the edges, and maybe it’s my fault for not cooking it long enough, but the whole thing was soft. not a bad soft, but i wish it was a bit firmer. i really kept expecting/hoping for a stronger pesto flavor to kick in but it never did. wifey liked it though. i give it a c

oscar mayer deli creations

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oscar mayer sandwichoscar mayer sandwich
ooo…oscar mayer’s deli creations shaved turkey and cheddar dijon…sure sounds fancy doesn’t it? actually i’ve had convention center sandwiches that would be considered the height of fine dining compared to this. everything’s soggy and/or limp and/or tasteless. go buy a loaf of bread, a packet of turkey, grab a slice of *american* cheese, and steal a packet of mayo and mustard from your local fast food joint. make your own damn sandwich. this gets a d- (it doesn’t get an f because it’s at least edible)

…and yes, i know i can’t blame this ridiculously obvious warning on oscar mayer. but it’s somehow fitting, considering the intelligence of the people who’ll actually eat this. blech.

cacique horchata

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cacique horchata

i keep trying to find horchata that’s as good as alberto’s. no luck. this is one of the better ones though. the flavoring is still too heavy, but it’s not overly cinnamon-y. it’s a c-

luigi’s real italian ice

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luigi's real italian iceluigi's real italian ice
yum! the strawberry flavor is pretty mild with just a hint of tartness. the lemon flavor is more sour with a stronger flavor, but it’s still a bit restrained. the texture is very smooth…almost like packed snow. it’s much icier than ice cream, not nearly as dense as gelato, and very smooth. the flavor could be a bit stronger though. it gets a b+

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