one more reason to go on that diet…

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estimated number of gallons of extra gasoline burned each year because americans are overweight: 938,000,000
from the harper’s index, november 2006

articles i stopped reading…

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…the bush administration cut anti-terrorism funding to new york by forty percent this year. the reason: the department of homeland security concluded that the city has no national icons or monuments that terrorists would want to attack…

one-minute vacation

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tired of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season? need to get away, even for just a minute? the quiet american web site has a series of “one-minute vacations”, which are one minute ambient recordings of a certain place, a certain time. the quality of some of the recordings, which anyone can submit, vary in quality, but sometimes i prefer the imperfect recordings, which can really amplify the nostaglic feelings that some of these recordings invoke.