One of the first things you’ll notice when watching the New World is the sounds…if you close your eyes, you can imagine yourself in the middle of the lush landscape on the screen.

But first, some people will absolutely hate this movie…the meandering pace…the difficulty of following some scenes…the feeling that you’re watching (at least for the 1st hour) a really really long perfume commercial (philosophical voiceovers anyone?) The movie doesn’t have much dialogue, and frankly the plot’s a bit skimpy, but that’s missing the whole point. This movie isn’t meant to be “watched” so much as it’s meant to be submerged into. If you’re looking for a 2+ hour journey to another place…forget about all that and just let go. The gorgeous scenery and everpresent ambient sounds combined with the fade outs make the whole movie really dream-like, and once you enter that state, you’ll think it’s worthwhile.

movie review: the new world

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