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According to Rolling Stone magazine (9/8/05 issue):
President Bush’s 5 weeks vacation in Crawford, Texas will be the longest presidential retreat in 4 decades…
President Bush has now spent 20% of his entire presidency vacationing at his ranch…
Counting in his other retreats to Kennebunkport and Camp David, Bush will end up spending less than 6.5 of his 8 years in the Oval Office…

And don’t forget! Bush is a war time president.


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This is from a series of spray paintings done on the Palestinian side of the Israeli “separation wall.” More background here.

growing up skipper

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her breasts grow as you move her arms! best. doll. ever.

stars – they’re just like Us!

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bearbear wu enjoys us magazine (more…)

Brainwashing as diet technique

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This article in Time magazine talks about how scientists were able to influence people’s dieting habits by “implanting” a false memory. The dieting part doesn’t interest me so much as — hell-o! They were able to plant a false memory in 41% of their subjects with nothing more than suggestions and leading questions!?!? So what’s you’re favorite color? Blue. No yel– Auuuuuuuugh!

show you my lightsaber, i will

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hiroshima photo gallery

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Damaged Lens with One Frame
Although the body of Moto Mosoro (54 at the time) was not found, a part of her burned head was discovered on September 6, one month after the atomic bombing, at a place 1,500 meters from the hypocenter. This was taken from an eye socket.

This picture and quote are from the “Hiroshima” archive of photographer Hiromi Tsuchida. The 3-part photo gallery can be found here. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima (for those of you who have not had the opportunity to visit), is very simple and not at all fancy, but there’s a quiet grace in the sadness that
surrounds the exhibits. It’s like visiting ghosts of a past that you weren’t a part of. (Today is the 60th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing.)

The rational response to terrorism

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Recent article in the Economist about how people really respond to terrorism. Interesting how overcoming your fears about terrorism seems to be an “all or nothing” decision.

People do not fight their fear each time they step on a bus; they choose to overcome it once and for all, or not at all. Once a person has come to terms with terror, it makes little difference to him whether he gets on a bus twice a day or once a day.

wow wow wow wow wow

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This is an art installation in L.A. Here is more information on it.

bizarre cloud formations

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More here and here

“Don’t get into a lather over sweatshops”

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Interesting article presenting the “other side” of sweatshops.

People choose what they perceive to be in their best interest. If workers voluntarily choose to work in sweatshops, without physical coercion, it must be because sweatshops are their best option.

this isn’t really a ferrari…

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i’m not quite sure if this is brilliant or a brilliant waste of time. it certainly is inspired!


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what a great idea for those of us who’re easily distracted and don’t catch the first part of what people are saying! this little invention records and repeats the last 10 seconds of whatever conversation you’re having!

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