salaries ain’t relative yo

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From an article in People about Angelina Jolie: “…upon learning that they made the equivalent of $27 a month, she cried, “what a mess,” a hotel employee said, and gave them $20″…not to pick on her…(”cause she’s hot and all)…when’re people gonna learn…(more after the jump)

ok…assuming $27 a month is at least a so-so salary wherever she was…and assuming that an “average” person in the U.S. makes $30k/year…she just gave that person the equivalent of $1851.85! must be nice to be rich, relatively speaking! come on people! different countries have different economies and different standards! there’s a reason why people in china can live really well on $200 a month while that person would be dead in the u.s. making that same amount! you can’t make comparisons like that! now if the average salary where angelina jolie was getting all bent out of shape about was say $40 a month…then sure, i could see her getting upset. but for such a comment to be possibly taken out of context like that is just plain irresponsible…then again…i guess this is PEOPLE magazine……

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