Int’l Contemporary Furniture Fair

Blogged by edjusted as cool stuff — edjusted Tue 31 May 2005 10:20 pm

Cool pics from the ICFFhere. i really want this table!!! And this and this would go nicely!

seoul airport – sept 2002

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monster in law

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so…j lo plays a “down-to-earth” girl who attracts some hotshot rich dude because she’s “different”…blah blah blah…gee…didn’t i already see this like a zillion times before? wake me when it’s over

lazy afternoon

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old phone ringers

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i was watching an old (late 80’s) live action movie of the popular japanese comic/anime series maison ikkoku (horrible movie btw)…i really miss old-school phone ringers…the analog ones…the digital ones have no soul, and a lot of the musical ring tones are just plain annoying as hell…

i know you can download “real” ring sounds as ring tones, but they just don’t quite capture the sound…at least none that i’ve heard…

flayed alive

Blogged by edjusted as general — edjusted Sat 21 May 2005 9:26 am

i’m sitting in traffic and looking out the window. i see a “oh-i’m-so-cool” biker riding with his shirt off but with his helmet on. i’m trying to imagine his thought process…”yes, if i crash, my very flesh will be flayed from my body…but at least i’ll look cool and my head will be protected…maybe they can save my head…but whatever…the point is…i…am…hot…and the chicks…dig…me!

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