mickey mouse! duuuude!

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Alice & I were wandering around Shibuya on our honeymoon and we wandered into a cool little sunglass store. The stereo was blasting a crazy punked up version of Disney tunes. I asked the cashier the name of the cd but she didn’t really know…just told me it was “di-su-ni-ra-n-do” music (disneyland music)…that didn’t help…but…I found it! The name of the cd is “Dive into Disney”…it’s even available on Amazon (47 bucks though…whew…). Here’s the first track from the cd…(click on the picture)

brad pitt and jennifer aniston coverage

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in the 4/11/05 issue of people magazine…one of the headlines reads “anatomy of a breakup. even after the split, the stayed close – and gave the world hope”…are you fucking kidding me? “…and gave the world hope”…? i don’t know what’s worse…the fact that people magazine actually gave this whole breakup thing such importance…or the people that actually thinks this *is* that important…